The Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of La Plata rejected the modification of the seed law

The Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of La Plata rejected the modification of the seed law

PRESS GACETILLE - May 12, 2019, La Plata

With immense pride, today we can say that the Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of La Plata spoke out against the amendment of the seed law.

With the drive and example of fighters who have been battling for years, a few of us got together last year to discuss the importance of the seed both in the production process, as well as in the sovereignty of our country, its cultural and social value. As a result, we presented, from what would later be called the Semillas Libres Assembly, a note to the Board of Directors talking about the need for the Faculty to pronounce on the subject. On Wednesday, April 24, after many activities and a great open debate for The entire community, the faculty becomes the first faculty in the entire country to say NO TO THE PROJECT TO AMEND THE SEED LAW, which is currently being debated by deputies.

We invite all the organizations that choose their territory of struggle in the universities, to carry out actions like these, to continue pressing, so that the lobby of large companies and Cambiemos does not advance with the 20 votes they lack to achieve a law of seeds tailored to large capitals.

We enclose the opinion of the board of directors and the note presented that allowed this result to occur. They are not badly applied technologies, it is a whole model that exploits us and makes us sick, which must be changed. And today, in the critical context that surrounds us, it is vital to protect the seed.

We know that there is still a long way to go, but we believe that it constitutes a crucial step in the problematization of the current production model.

Organized, we will win, let us continue to fight for broad debate spaces that promote the politicization of universities, so that they rise to the occasion, promoting agroecology, free seeds, and in search of our food sovereignty!

We invite you to the Semillas Libres assembly on Tuesday, May 21 at 2:00 p.m. at the Faculty of Agricultural and Forest Sciences of the National University of La Plata, in the memory garden. (If it rains we go to the entrance hall).

Sow until victory!


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