Take capitalism out of the heart of America

Take capitalism out of the heart of America

In the recent history of humanity, let's say the last 500 years, the American continent has seen its physiognomy changed over and over again.

There were important changes in almost all the ecosystems that make up the region. There are practically no spaces left that have not been reached by human activities, which have produced modifications in the flora and fauna essentially due to agriculture, but also due to livestock, mega-dams, mining, the forestry industry and many other activities. of the productive sector.

Since the colonization of America and after the first years, in which the exclusive activity of the invaders was the intensive plundering of gold and silver from this continent, the sugarcane industry made the point in the history of the abuse of the American land, for the benefit of its conquerors.

The original inhabitants of the continent were quickly annihilated. It is estimated that less than 10% survived the first decades of the conquest. Hunted like animals, subjected to slavery, poorly fed and away from their homes and their natural environment, they were also easy prey for the most lethal weapons that arrived on European ships, contagious diseases, nonexistent on the continent until that moment.

The immense natural riches of America became a great curse. In the name of progress, of the economic progress of Europe first and later also of the United States, the waters are poisoned, mountains are pulverized, forests, plant and animal species, glaciers, peoples and entire cultures disappear. The results are in sight: floods and droughts, desertification, loss of biodiversity, pollution, malnutrition, proliferation of diseases, poverty, hunger and death.

About 5 centuries ago, capitalism discovered America and did what capitalism knows how to do, put a price on everything, turn everything into market goods, exploit natural and human resources beyond its limits, until destruction, until devastation.

After more than 500 years of domination and submission, Latin America reappears as a region of the planet of vital importance for the Human Being. Its impressive biological diversity, the richness of its soils, the blessing of its waters, source of life and development. Everything makes America a key piece for the survival of life itself.

Capitalism destroys everything, because it entrenches itself in the heart of Man and from there directs our destinies. From an instance prior to the rational, from the emotions. And that is why it is so difficult to fight.

Even the owners of capital and power, those who could make decisions that would change the dramatic course of humanity, have been copied by the system and cannot fight it even if they wanted to. Because the system "works" on people in the same way that an addiction to a drug does, even if one is aware of the damage it causes, one cannot fight it.

We must find the means to fight against capitalist cancer by recovering the ground it has conquered, attacking its trap, extirpating it from the hearts (of the emotions) and not in the field of the rational, because that will be the only way to change the course of self-destruction that we are going through.

Ricardo Natalichio

Video: Capitalism in America: Alan Greenspan and Adrian Wooldridge in Conversation with Gillian Tett (October 2020).