Extraordinary acts to collaborate with the environment

Extraordinary acts to collaborate with the environment

Reducing the gases produced by energy production, construction and transport has long been a goal of governments, activists and companies seeking to reduce emissions. This is the challenge we are currently facing, that of curbing global warming by reducing the main gases that increase it. However, it is not an impossible mission because incorporating a series of extraordinary acts in your routine can contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle:

Use the Internet to help the environment

The Internet has not only revolutionized our lives but it has also contributed to the environment. For example, did you know that the Ecosia browser plants trees for your searches? Yes, the extension that you can include in your browser uses the income obtained from ads to plant trees in those places where it is most needed. However, there are other actions that you can take yourself, such as switching to online purchases. And it is that, by carrying out your daily transactions from home, you not only collaborate to reduce the atmospheric pollution that is generated by moving in your own vehicle, but also to the energy expenditure of physical businesses. On the other hand, the growing number of online entertainment platforms have also contributed to reducing energy consumption in a large amount. For example, unlike physical casinos, where hundreds of machines are kept on 24 hours, in sites like Betway casino there are more than 100 available slots, different roulette games, and different blackjack tables always available to the user, but with advantage of not incurring excessive energy expenditure. Another form of online entertainment that helps the environment is ebooks, where we can reduce the felling of trees caused by book printing by using tools like Amazon's Kindle. This is because online security has improved so much that today we can make or receive payments with the same security as we would in a physical establishment. In short, technological progress has offered us a bridge to make purchases online in a safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly way.

Avoid using your own vehicle and plane

How about going to work by bicycle or public transport? Doing so could reduce CO2 emissions by 2.4 tons per year. In addition, if you also stop traveling by plane (especially transatlantic travel) you will reduce emissions by 1.6 tons of carbon dioxide per person. According to our article, public transport is one of the most important sectors to improve to help the environment. That is why countries like Germany want to offer free public transport to help reduce polluting gases.

The plant-based diet to fight climate change

Did you know that the meat industry is one of the most influential in climate change? According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), this sector is capable of emitting more gases than all global transport. This together with the health benefits are the main reasons why not eating meat is already more common than you think. In fact, in most restaurants we find the symbol that distinguishes a completely green food. And it is that, in an investigation carried out by scientists from the Oxford Martin School it was found that stopping consuming meat could reduce global emissions related to this sector by almost a third by 2050. This same study determined that the vegetarian diet could reduce emissions by even 63% and that eating plant-based would reduce tons of CO2 by 0.8 tons per year. Hence, some known as Paul McCartney have developed alternatives such as the so-called 'Meat Free Monday' (Monday free of meat), in order to collaborate with the environment.

Finally, other small actions can go a long way. For example, planting trees could be another beautiful action for the environment since it is not only an entertaining activity but you will also collaborate with the production of oxygen. On the other hand, taking advantage of natural light instead of turning on the lights at home would be another environmentally friendly action. However, if you need to turn on the light, how about switching to energy efficient light bulbs? Not only do they consume less energy, they last longer. In addition, you could also help the environment by taking your own bags to the supermarket as well as applying one of the actions listed in this UNHCR article. And you, how friendly are you with the environment?

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