Farmer brings thousands of liters of water daily to thirsty animals

Farmer brings thousands of liters of water daily to thirsty animals

For three years, this man has been supplying water to wild animals hit by drought in Kenya

Farmer Patrick Killonzo Mwalua helps keep animals alive in Kenya's Tsavo West National Park, which suffers from constant droughts year after year.

Patrick usually brings about 50 thousand liters of water a week to the reserve with a tanker, but in recent times he has had to increase the amount given the intense droughts.

Since his story first made headlines in 2017, Patrick has established his own base, so he can help more animals.

“There is no water completely, so animals depend on humans. If we don't help them, they will die ”.

How it all started

Patrick visited the reserve and began to see that during the summer months everything was very dry and the irrigation wells completely without water, and without any resources for the animals.

"We're not really getting the rain like we used to," he explained. “Since last year, since June, there was no rain completely. So, I started giving the animals water because I thought, 'If I don't do that, they will die.'

The animals have gotten used to Patrick and anticipate his arrival

On one of his many trips to the park, when he was arriving at a watering hole, he found 500 buffalo waiting for him, desperate for water.


Upon hearing his story, a group of American women were moved and decided to help him continue with his mission. They created the page GoFundMe so Patrick receives donations and can continue his work.

In addition to running the water, Patrick also visits local schools to talk about conservation and how they can help the country's wildlife.

Sharing his incredible work on social media, Patrick is hailed as a hero for his efforts and is rightly praised for all his hard work:

"Last night I found 500 buffalo waiting at the watering hole," he said. The animals wait for you to be able to feed on the most basic element of their diet. Some photos of the moment were shared inFacebook., which he feeds daily with images of his encounters with African fauna.

Hey friends! today i thought i could count the number of buffaloes eating around the waterhole and drinking water but my…

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