Why is Vaca Muerta trembling?

Why is Vaca Muerta trembling?

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At the beginning of March, an earthquake measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale once again shook the Sauzal Bonito area, located next to the star exploitation of unconventional gas “Fortín de Piedra” of the Tecpetrol (Techint) company.

The earthquake occurred precisely on Thursday, March 7 at two in the morning and was registered as the most important of several that have occurred regularly since last year in the area, in line with the increase in drilling and hydraulic fractures in the reservoir. that made Tecpetrol the third gas extractor in the country.

Why is Vaca Muerta trembling?

It is an audiovisual report that we made in Sauzal Bonito the last days of February 2019, interviewing neighbors of the place who tell us about their fears, the risk of their houses falling, the anxiety of the children, the disabilities before a emergency. A situation that the State could have anticipated, but chose to believe the corporate advertising that proclaimed "zero earthquake risk."

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