Child labor: the dark secret of chocolate

Child labor: the dark secret of chocolate

As in other festivities, during Easter the consumption of chocolate increases a lot.

But many girls and boys cannot enjoy the popular Easter egg because they have to work on cocoa plantations from which families barely survive. The ones that do make a big profit are companies like Milka, Lindt and Ferrero, which pocket most of the profits not only from their chocolate eggs, but also from their chocolates, bonbons and other goodies. Only six percent receive farmers.

1.2 million children who work on cocoa plantations make up the dark side of chocolate.

And many plantations are found where the forest used to grow, which is cut down leaving threatened species like chimpanzees without habitat, even in national parks.

It is not something new. Companies have promised for decades to end child labor, human rights violations and environmental destruction, but little happens. This is why the European Union must force cocoa companies to improve.

We ask the authorities with influence on this issue to immediately take action on the matter by introducing regulations so that children do not have to work in the plantations and that not a single tree more falls to plant cocoa.

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Video: Inside Big Chocolates Child Labor Problem with CC (October 2020).