Casinos are betting on renewable energy

Casinos are betting on renewable energy

Casinos generally occupy large spaces that require a lot of electrical power to be illuminated, provide customers with the ideal temperature, run games, restaurants and other services they offer. But this situation is changing because today there are a large number of casinos that are developing projects or are already implementing them in relation to energy saving and the use of renewable energy.

Some Las Vegas casinos are a very good example of this new situation due to their specific commitment to the environment. This year, a group of casinos have made history in the world of gambling establishments, as they have embraced sustainable energy for all their facilities with the construction of huge complexes to generate solar energy near the city.

What happens then with online casinos? By not having physical facilities, energy saving will be the sole responsibility of the user, taking care of the use of electrical energy. However, an online casino can also be committed to the environment as a company through measures to save energy, separate waste, optimize the electrical equipment used inside the offices, etc.

Another example of how casinos are committed to caring for the environment is the Casino Club in the city of Chubut in Patagonia, in Argentina. In this case, the operating company applied a program called "Yoreciclo" in which the company recycles all the waste generated by them. In addition, they invited the entire community to separate their own waste so that it can be reused or recycled.

More sustainable casinos

The traditional casinos that operate in Chile are leaving a very special mark in the history of gambling houses. In addition to generating a very important tax collection each year (of more than one hundred billion) for the country, the competent Chilean authority places emphasis on how the industry should get involved in actions to promote responsible gaming and be sustainable. Therefore, the casinos already installed carry out projects to optimize the use of energy, while the next casinos to be built, thanks to the new permits granted, will have to develop their projects thinking about sustainability from the beginning.

Recycled slots

It's not just waste that's recycled in casinos. Slot machines seized by the authorities for having entered the country illegally, without the corresponding documentation, after a time are auctioned and buyers recycle them to be used in casinos. In this way, this material is not discarded and those machines that are updated by experts are used.

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