This Spanish water-based fuel promises 1,000 km of autonomy

This Spanish water-based fuel promises 1,000 km of autonomy

Electriq-Global has developed a water-based fuel, ideal for hydrogen cars, which promises zero pollutant emissions and up to 1000 km of autonomy. But what exactly is it about?

The Electriq-Global start-up, half Australian and half Israeli, is working on a new fuel for vehicles, made up of 60% water, that could be used for both a hydrogen car and a conventional electric vehicle.

This fuel, as we have said based on water, when reacting with a catalyst (a saline chemical called BH4) releases hydrogen, which in turn is used to generate electricity, which is responsible for powering the vehicle's engine. And all, without polluting emissions of any kind.

Everything seems advantages

One of the main handicaps of the hydrogen car is the insecurity of its fuel storage. Hydrogen must be stored in the tank at high pressures. Being highly flammable, the risk of accident in the event of a possible leak is quite high. With this new fuel, this factor is canceled, since it is not necessary to store hydrogen under these conditions, since it is obtained only after the reaction.

In addition, once consumed, this fuel is collected and returned to the manufacturing plant, where it is recharged with more hydrogen and more water and can be used again. It is, therefore, a recyclable fuel

How is it recharged? Like a hydrogen or gasoline car at a service station. Of course, if it is finally successful, let us hope that its infrastructure will develop faster than that of the hydrogen charging stations (currently, there are only 8 in the entire Spanish territory). The company assures that 25 dollars would be enough to fill an entire tank, with which they calculate a range of 1,000 km. Now, do the calculations on how much gasoline you use every 1,000 kms ...

Agreement for its launch in the Netherlands

Now, following a partnership with the Dutch company Eleqtec, this fuel will be available in the Netherlands for a first phase of testing.

Electriq - Global CEO Guy N. Michrowski commented: “Electriq - Global is pleased to bring our safe, recyclable and zero emission fuel to the Dutch market. It's nice to see a nation determined to achieve a sustainable economy and zero emissions. Backed by Eleqtec, we expect the first products based on our technology, made by Dutch partners, to be delivered in 2020. ”


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