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Three ecological gadgets that will help you take care of the planet

Three ecological gadgets that will help you take care of the planet

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Unless you haven't watched the news lately, you've likely heard of the recent focus on the environment. Many cities have started banning single-use plastic straws and utensils. And many corporate companies are following suit, realizing how this seemingly insignificant change can be of significant benefit to the planet. Considering that approximately 500 million straws are used and thrown away every day in the United States alone, the disposal of this waste could have a positive impact on climate change, polluted oceans, and more. In addition to improving your environmental footprint when you eat out, there are many simple ways to spruce up your home and home essentials to support the natural world and live more sustainably.

To begin with, being green in the consumption of your home is key. By turning off the lights when you're no longer using them to choose rags over paper towels, these effortless routine changes will not only lower your utility bills, but also leave the planet happier. It's also smart to buy reusable items, be it a water bottle or rechargeable batteries, which will add to cost (and forest) savings over time as well.

While you may think that you have to sacrifice quality or convenience when it comes to being greener, thanks to these innovative brands, that's no longer the case. To start your green transformation, consider these recommended products. Satisfaction guaranteed.

SipWell stainless steel straws

In the next few years, it is plausible that BYOS will be common practice. Bring your own straws, that is. Due to its negative impact on the environment, consider replacing the plastic straw with a stylish stainless steel model. Store these metal straws from SipWell and keep some in your backpack and some in your utensil drawer at home. Built for iced coffee, water and other beverages, you can wash them hundreds of times and they will never lose their shape. Like a bonus? This value pack comes with a straw cleaner, too. You can get them at

HydroFlask water bottle

It doesn't matter if you're rushing through the office, racking up miles at the gym, or raking leaves in the front yard, there's one essential item your body always needs: water. And although plastic water bottles are not expensive, they do have a high price for our planet. That's why at home, or on the go, using reusable, BPA-free stainless steel water bottles is an easy task. Especially when you can choose a stylish one like this Hydroflask model, which keeps drinks hot and cold drinks frozen for up to 12 hours.
You can get it here

Coway water purifier

If you live in a region where drinking tap water is not recommended, you can turn to water bottles to be safe. While understandable and healthy, you can also use this stylish, cordless water filter that connects directly to your kitchen faucet. This model uses three-step filtration to provide pure, clean water and a WQA-rated system that does not consume energy. Not only will this device save you money in the long run, it will also reduce waste. You can get it here

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