Why are we Humans destroying ourselves?

Why are we Humans destroying ourselves?

The history of the human being is full of confrontations, power struggles, wars, oppressors and the oppressed. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find any period of time in which humanity has reached a certain degree of harmony, of peace.

It would then be possible to infer that, perhaps we are an intrinsically conflictive, bellicose, aggressive species. Or being a little more optimistic, that one part is and the rest has not been able or known to stay on the sidelines.

Since we have information, there have always been peoples trying to subdue others for their benefit, social classes exercising dominion over the will of others and even races enslaving others and treating them in the most degrading way.

And just as there were always aggressors, there was also always resistance. Sometimes peaceful and sometimes not so much. However, there were always those who tried to defend their loved ones, their way of life, their beliefs, their assets.

Today that resistance has many names, anti-capitalists, globalphobic, environmentalists, humanists, naturalists and many, but many others. In short, whatever the denomination that defines us, we are people who think that this is not the way, that Man is capable of living differently. That there is something better.

For countless years we have been trying to resist the attacks of the selfish and aggressive part of our society. Facing the constant onslaught of the system you have created for your benefit.

Always, or almost always, playing by their rules. Sticking to its limits. Accepting or trying to reject or modify their proposals, their invitations, their promises. As if it were impossible to get out of its womb even if it is not to see what is outside. Because if one thing is certain, it is that there is something outside the system, that life is possible without its chimeras, without its colored mirrors.

Starting by informing ourselves, by raising awareness, by learning to read between the lines the chewed information that they offer us, to think and to discern our own ideas, are all important and necessary steps. But the most important is to convince ourselves that it is possible, that change is possible, that it is not too late, nor are we too few, nor any of those things that would make us believe.

We just have to get on a train that is already running and contribute what we can so that it does not stop, so that it continues to move faster and faster, with greater determination, with the best defined path. We can all contribute. We are all necessary. Everything is possible.

Ricardo Natalichio

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