Your body accumulates salt, free yourself from excess

Your body accumulates salt, free yourself from excess

Salt is one of the most present condiments in the vast majority of all cuisines in the world, it enhances the flavor of all foods.

But for some years now, some studies have shown that this seasoning has a negative impact on human health. The most alarming thing about all this is that most people consume too much salt.

It is true that the body needs a little salt, or sodium, to function properly. But this does not mean that we should consume it abusively. In fact, several experts agree on the fact that it is advisable to completely eliminate salt from the diet, to then seek this dose of sodium in other foods.

The harms of salt

Excessive consumption of salt can avoid, over time, serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, among other pathologies. In addition, it is one of the main causes of fluid retention and bloating.

But by modifying the bad habit of excessive salt consumption, it is possible to rid the body of all the salt it has accumulated.

Tips to eliminate accumulated salt in our body

Consume more water

Experts recommend drinking between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day, because although it may seem illogical, drinking water stimulates the elimination of excess fluid retained in the body and, at the same time, excess sodium. Both will be evacuated through urine. This good habit helps cleanse the body, keep the body hydrated, and reduce swelling in the body.

Eliminate salt from the regime

Even if, for many, salt cannot be absent from everyday food, the ideal is to look for other means to flavor food. A minimum dose of salt can be consumed, preferably in homemade dishes. It is important to take into account the fact that salt is present in excess in delicatessen, canned foods and soups, frozen dishes, fast food, and many others.

Instead of consuming this type of food, you should increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, which eliminate excess salt in the body once digested.

Replace the salt

Eliminating salt from your diet can be easy if you replace it with healthier alternatives such as garlic, fresh bell pepper, curry, parsley, oregano, or rosemary.

To do physical exercise

It is recommended to do aerobic exercises daily, or any other type of activity that promotes perspiration. When you walk, dance, run, ride a bicycle, or when you go to the sauna, impurities are released from the body and excess salt, thanks to perspiration. It should be remembered that it is necessary to carry a bottle of water with each exercise session.

Parsley to eliminate the accumulated salt in our body

Parsley is an ingredient known for its benefits. Helps cleanse the kidneys and stimulate the elimination of toxins through urine. We know that the kidneys play a very important role in the detoxification of our body, as they are the organs in charge of filtering the blood to eliminate excess sodium and any other toxic substance in our system.

How to consume parsley?

To take advantage of the benefits of parsley, we simply have to prepare a parsley infusion using a handful of clean parsley cut into pieces. We will put it to boil in a liter of water for 10 minutes. Once it is ready, let it rest and is preferably consumed on an empty stomach. The leftover can be kept in the fridge to consume several times a day every day.

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