Machi investigated the effects of Kultrun on plant germination

Machi investigated the effects of Kultrun on plant germination

Does the music of the Kultrun have positive effects on seed germination and biomass accumulation in peas (Pisum sativum L)? That was the hypothesis of the research that allowed Patricio Catril Millanao to obtain the professional title of Agricultural Engineer from the University from La Frontera.

This is an unprecedented study that combined the application of the scientific method and spirituality, since Patricio Catril has the status of Machi, a central figure in the cosmovision and ancestral medicine of the Mapuche people, which he currently practices in the rural sector of Boroa , about 15 kilometers from Nueva Imperial.

“At first we considered many research topics, but it had to be one that had relevance and identity. I could not put aside who I am and this was the most appropriate. Never had a machi done such an investigation and had been able to demonstrate something like this using the scientific method, "says Patricio Catril.

Together with Jaime Guerrero Contreras, academic from the Department of Agricultural Production, who was his guiding professor, the student developed the Thesis called “Effect of Kultrun music on seed germination and biomass accumulation in pea (Pisum sativum L) eco-local type ”.

The research was carried out in the Plant Pathology Laboratory located in the premises of the Agroindustry Institute building on the Andrés Bello Campus, and in the rural Mapuche peasant environment of the Boroa sector, Nueva Imperial commune.

According to the Mapuche worldview, the Kultrun is an ancient instrument whose intensity and frequency of sound causes healing of human patients, animals and plants. Likewise, it can help heal and recover physical spaces and natural resources of mother earth that have been injured or damaged by humans.

This ancestral Mapuche instrument can only be used by those who have the Machi condition, which made it easier for Patricio Catril to carry out the investigation properly.


The research developed by Patricio Catril demonstrated, using the scientific method in laboratory experiments, that the music of the Kultrun had a positive effect on the germination and accumulation of biomass of the local eco-type pea, thus proving the working hypothesis raised.

In addition, significant differences were found between the environmental conditions where the test was established, such that germination and biomass accumulation of local eco-type peas exposed to Kultrun music were higher, in those places with greater Mapuche spirituality (Ruka and Campo) with respect to laboratory conditions.

Another interesting result of the study is that in the local eco-type pea seed exposed to Kultrun music, there was a lower incidence of contaminating fungi and bacteria.

“I feel very calm and satisfied and it is the reward for all the efforts that I had to make to finish this stage. The path was not easy, since my condition for Machi sometimes prevented me from dedicating myself completely to study. Even on the same day as the undergraduate exam, I treated four patients before traveling to Temuco ”, explains Patricio Catril.

The title examination commission was made up of the Agricultural Engineers: Juan Carlos García D., Director of the Department of Agricultural Production; Dean's representative, Emma Bensch T .; Juan Carlos Hermosilla B. and Jaime Guerrero C., guide teacher.

“Having participated in this research constitutes a unique experience that is very significant personally and academically, it is an unrepeatable fact, especially because it is unprecedented that an Agronomy student who is invested and possesses the gifts of a Machi has carried out an investigation of this type; binding between knowledge of cultures that interact in this territory, it seems to me that it is reasonable to infer that there are many aspects of existence that transcend known human senses and that it is necessary to investigate and generate knowledge for the common good and the health of nature ”, he indicates the academic Jaime Guerrero, guiding professor of this research carried out in the context of the degree of Agricultural Engineer at the Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of our University.

Patricio Catril's parents, siblings and relatives, friends and career colleagues were present at the ceremony, expressing their joy and satisfaction for the significant achievement achieved.

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