On alert for a strange behavior of the tectonic plates of Central America

On alert for a strange behavior of the tectonic plates of Central America

Yesterday, Wednesday, a group of scientists noticed an unusual behavior in the last weeks of the Coco and Caribe tectonic plates. They could generate earthquakes and tsunamis in Central America, they warned.

The group of specialists that studies natural phenomena belongs to the Geography of Nicaragua organization, which is made up of researchers of various nationalities. They warned that 12 earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 4 on the Richter scale were registered during the month of March, and that only on Tuesday there were 7 tremors with magnitudes between 4.0 and 5.3 Richter.

Attention-grabbing tremors

"In the area where these earthquakes are occurring, it usually always happens, but not with such frequent periodicity, it draws attention because it is an area where tsunamis can occur," said José María Salmerón, member of Geography of Nicaragua.

Although there is no way to predict a destructive earthquake, Salmerón said that earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 4.0 Richter registered in recent weeks extend from Guatemala to Panama, coinciding with the subduction zone between the Coco and Caribbean plates. , that is, the collision line between the two large blocks of land.

Scientists know that an earthquake with a magnitude equal to or greater than 6.0 Richter has the capacity to produce a destructive tsunami, as happened in September 1992 in Nicaragua, when more than a hundred people died and thousands were affected.

The characteristics in the region are particular, because the subduction zone is so close to the Pacific coast that a tsunami would give less than an hour to evacuate, according to simulations by the Nicaraguan Institute for Territorial Studies (Ineter), which manages the Central America Tsunami Warning Center.

Keep calm

Geography of Nicaragua recommended to the population that, in the event of an earthquake, remain calm, seek protection, and follow the recommendations of the authorities.

The Nicaraguan government has announced that on April 11 it will carry out a massive tsunami drill on the country's beaches, so that the population is prepared for a possible natural disaster during the Easter holidays, the date on which many people go sightseeing. , especially on the Pacific coast.

This warning reminds many of the 1992 tsunami in Nicaragua one of the most destructive in Central American history.

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