The importance of environmental education, to avoid catastrophe

The importance of environmental education, to avoid catastrophe

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There are some questions that we commonly call "existential" whose answers could offer us a lot of information regarding how and why we have, as a species, reached this point that seems to have no return, and if we will be able to get out.

We refer to questions of the tone of Is Man at birth good or bad? (It is not necessary for this analysis to define what is good and what is bad). Are we born with characteristics of solidarity or individualism? In our genetic heritage is sharing or are we selfish by nature? Are we intrinsically ambitious or do we tend towards altruism? And so we could continue with some others.

To begin this analysis, as a first term we should be able to distinguish with enough precision, what are the characteristics of our personality with which we are born and which are being instilled in us from birth itself, or perhaps a little earlier, through what our own perceive. senses of the behavior of other human beings.

Our genetic heritage not only determines our physical characteristics, but also contains information that has to do with our personality, abilities, etc.

However, the experiences and experiences that we accumulate in our lives according to the environment in which we live, the education they provide us, and what our senses perceive are forging, in some cases accentuating and in others "forgetting" some of the personality characteristics. with which we are born.

So much so that, for example, a child who has been abused or beaten as a child grows up much more likely to become an abuser or batterer. Those who grow up in a violent environment will most likely regard violence as something natural and incorporate that characteristic into their adult behavior. On the contrary, those who during their childhood are surrounded by supportive and altruistic beings will also have a greater chance of being so.

So we could infer that, although we are born with a large amount of genetic information, the influence of the environment, especially during the first years of our lives, has a great importance in the characteristics of our future personality. This does not mean that two children raised in the same environment would have the same personality, since this is formed not only by the genetic information that we bring and the environment that surrounds us, but also by an interrelation of the child with that environment.

We see in this way the true importance, for a radical change in the social and environmental behavior of the human being, of education.

The incorporation of environmental values ​​in children, both by educational institutions and their own parents and anyone with whom this child comes into contact at an early age, will "convert" or at least greatly increase the chances , that he is a being with great respect for the care of the environment.

The expected evolution of the human being towards a more altruistic vision, an obligatory starting point to transform the world into a more just and caring place, with environmental and social awareness, therefore depends to a large extent on environmental and social education, both institutional and family you receive.

So let us put our best efforts in this area, sow those seeds in our children and, sooner rather than later, we will realize that change is possible and that it is already underway.

By Ricardo Natalichio

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