Biodegradable corn and pineapple dishes that germinate when thrown away

Biodegradable corn and pineapple dishes that germinate when thrown away

The idea of ​​these biodegradable plates with remains of corn leaves and pineapple crowns belongs to Claudia Barona and Andrés Benavides.

Lifepack is the name of the company, which has developed a substitute material for plastic utensils, but the novelty goes further ...

"From the earth to the cradle"

Dishes are plantable, compostable and biodegradable

The dishes are manufactured in the spirit of the philosophy of "The earth to the cradle". The utensils can be thrown into the ground without polluting, for composting, but in addition, plants grow from them.

Yes, Papelyco is the name of this line of products, which contains a seed inside and that when discarding the dish to the ground, a new plant will germinate.

Social impact

The creators of these dishes say that "The idea was to sell containers that generate life, not only in the form of plants, but also work, to the point that some 190 women were trained to work in the company."

Papelyco benefits more than just the environment… LifePack hires single mothers and women at risk: people who need work to improve their quality of life. The company has been recognized by the UN for its gender equality.

Papelyco is a company that creates a socially and environmentally responsible product.

The initiative has offered 20 direct jobs and generated income for pineapple producers.

Currently, the project seeks to expand to the US market, where it wants to launch a production plant in Saint Louis, Missouri.

It also intends to produce other types of packaging in the product line, such as:

  • Foods.
  • Drinks.
  • Health care.
  • Personal care.
  • Industrial packaging.

How does it work

After use, the dish can be planted in the ground or in a pot and will germinate flowers, herbs or other types of plants, just remove the biofilm layer on top, and place the dish on the ground. If you decide not to plant the dish, it will still break in 3 weeks.

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