Ecosocialism: a viable alternative

Ecosocialism: a viable alternative

Although they want us to believe that there are no viable alternatives to neoliberalism that subjects men, women, animals, plants and almost all living beings that inhabit this planet, there is a great universe of possible alternatives, among which ecosocialism stands out.

The environmental crisis and social deterioration are deeply interrelated and must be seen as different manifestations of the same system. In general terms, they are the result of industrial activity derived from consumerism to which human beings are practically forced from multinational companies, whose main objective is the maximization of their economic profits, and whose environmental costs have exceeded the capacity of the Earth to absorb pressure on natural resources and their consequent generation of waste.

Faced with the apocalyptic outcome that the economic-political system that holds the planet prisoner has prepared for us, it is imperative to find alternatives.

The biggest challenge we face in this regard is organizing all sectors of society, towards a common goal. It is therefore important to give organizational consistency to all sectors of society that expect something different from what is seen in the current reality, from farmers who dream of working their own land to young people interested in preserving the environment.

Ecosocialism maintains the emancipatory objectives of socialism of the first epoch and rejects both the reformist goals - attenuated - of social democracy, and the productivist structures of the bureaucratic variants of socialism. Instead, it insists on redefining both the path and the goal of socialist production within an ecological frame of reference.

The generalization of organic production under socialist conditions can provide the basis for overcoming the current crisis. It is basically a matter of adding to the economic precepts that socialism used in the first period, the new paradigms that are presented to us at an environmental level.

There is no doubt that we must redistribute the wealth generated in a more equitable way than the current amorality that neoliberalism presents us with, with a few hypermillionaires and billions of starving people. But we must also bear in mind that the generation of this wealth must occur with the least possible environmental impact for a planet that is in a terminal crisis in terms of its natural resources.

The project of an eco-socialist society alternative to neoliberalism is not a political project that will begin if in the next elections we vote for a specific party. It is important who we vote for but that alone is not going to change the system. It is all of us who must change and change it. Ecosocialism is a project that, in order to be possible, needs the awareness and daily practice of new precepts of conduct for each one of us.

Ecosocialism is a dream, a utopia that if we decide to pursue it will become an increasingly tangible alternative to get out of this deadly trap that we have set for ourselves and that would otherwise end life on the planet, just as we know it until now.

Ricardo Natalichio

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