Netherlands Dash Four

Webmaster's note: Information available on the Dash Four team differs. Some sources list this team and the Volkel/Dash Four team as a continuity, others list them as two different teams. There are differences in spelling the name of the team; some show Dash Four, others DASH4. And, there are variations in spelling the names of the team members, most notably that of Veenhuizen, which has been received variously spelled as Veenhuysen and Veenheuisen. I have spelled it as "Veenhuizen" as that seemed to be the most "used" variation. I do not purport to know what is correct, and rather, have elected to post the information as received, with the exception of making Veenjuizen consistent. In any case, these variations should not detract from the enjoyment of the information about these teams.

Dash Four Aerobatic Team 1955

By Paul van den Elsaker

This team was formed in 1955 and competed in the Royal Netherlands Air Force Aerobatic Championship which was held at Ypenburg Airbase in 1955.

Aircraft: F-84G
Team members: Maj. de Vries; 1 Lt. Hoppener; 1 Lt. Shijders; Sgt. Terlouw
Origin: 312 Squadron at Volkel Airbase

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