Natural tan, eat carrot

Natural tan, eat carrot

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In the summer season we are always looking forward to the sun so we can tan a bit, today we share how you can get a natural tan by consuming carrots, even in the cold months.

Carrot, natural tan

The carrotfeeds and protects. As a plant, it has obvious advantages for the body. Its cultivation for human consumption is very recent. The reason is that this plant was originally quite poisonous. It was the French and German gardeners who eliminated their danger. Through patient selection and crosses, they neutralized their venom and produced the roots that, today, are a compendium of vitamins.

This plant has compound leaves and white and yellow flowers. The edible part is the root. It is very fleshy, has a coniform appearance and is orange in color. Between hisRelatives include celery, turnip, and fennel.

The carrot contains 20% waste, 1.5% protein, 0.2% fat, 7.3% sugar Yabundant vitamins. Type A predominates in the form of provitamins, equaled only by spinach, and with almost double the amount of parsley. Also hasiron, potassium and calcium in very considerable levels and slightly less phosphorus. It contributes around 40 calories for every 100 grams of food.

Carrot properties

The main property is that it is up tobeta carotenes, the knownVitamin A. It is known that it is rich in them, due to their color, since the foods they haveorange and red colors, They arerich in beta carotenes and they are the most suitable for tanning to work.

High inantioxidants, Therefore, it slows down the aging of cells, helps to regenerate them in a stronger way and keeps the body and the exterior much stronger and younger, delaying their aging.

Also, it has atoxin called “falcariol”, Which is capable ofreduce a third, therisks of developing cancer. And it has folic acid, which is essential to maintain strong health, because it fights anemia and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Thanks to yourvitamin B3, therespiratory and digestive systems, they benefit from the consumption of this root.

In the case ofnatural tan, helps the skin staynaturally protected, so that it will be able to adapt to the amount of light and heat ofgradual way, without ending the burns and red areas of the skin, when exposed to the sun.

This, of course, does not mean that you can eat carrots and goodbye toSolar protection, absolutely. The protection you should put it on and the carrot will help your skin to adapt as soon as possible.

How to consume carrot


An exclusive potion to take a true color is the compoundfor two carrots, an orange and a tomato. The ideal is to squeeze the orange juice on one side. On the other hand, in the blender the tomato and the carrots are prepared. Then they are all mixed and the resulting multi-fruit juice is drunk almost in one gulp.

This drinknatural it mixes the beta carotenes (vitamin A) of carrots and tomatoes that help the formation of melanin and protect the skin.The vitamin C of the orange (antioxidant) prevents the skin from sun aging. It is not advisable to drink more than one juice a day but to start taking it even fifteen days before sun exposure.


This is made by mixing 2 tablespoons ofolive oil or, failing that, of wheat germ in approximately 1/8 liters of carrot juice that you must have prepared previously. Later you put 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and mix them both to store them in a glass jar. You should be able to shake the jar very well so that all the products are mixed.

Keep in mind that this cream that you have created is a cream that helps you tan more but in no case is it aprotective cream against the difficulties of the sun, that is, you need to use another type of cream if you want to protect yourself from the sun's rays.

It is also important that before applying the cream all over your body, you try so that it is not allergic and generates some kind of inconvenience. If your skin does not react for a while, then you can use it all over the body without problems.


Another alternative if you do not want to start preparing these types of questions, is that you simply addcarrot to your meals.

In summer it is very simple because most of the time we eatsalads, so you can add a little striped carrot to give it the taste you want and thus be consuming a product that will help you tan better when you are exposed to the sun.

In thenatural or herbal supermarkets You will also find ready-made carrot juices that can be a good solution when you are on vacation and you don't feel like making preparations or cooking.

And if you like carrots a lot, don't hesitate to eat them peeled directly or cooked with other types of food. You will see that this year, your tan is much more beautiful.

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