China's impressive goals for new forest planting

China's impressive goals for new forest planting

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The 19th CPC National Congress, held in October, decided to make the country a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful nation by 2050. Among other things, with impressive goals for the implantation of new forests

Forest modernization

The director of the State Administration of Forestry, Zhang Jianlong, said that by 2050 China's forest resources will increase to 26.5 billion cubic meters, and 72 percent of the growth of the forest industry will come from technological advances.

The forest modernization project will be divided into different phases:

In the first, which runs from now until 2020, China's forest coverage should go from 21.66 to 23.04 percent, and the volume of resources should increase from 15,137 million cubic meters to 16,500 million cubic meters. .

Between 2020 and 2035, the percentage of coverage will have to be 26 percent and the volume will increase to 21,000 million cubic meters. In the same period, vegetation cover in rural areas will go from 30 percent to 38 percent, while by 2050 it will cover 43 percent.


Zhang commented that by 2018 the authorities seek to increase the wooded areas of cities and districts to 6.67 million hectares to improve the environment, climate change and end the extreme air pollution that the country is experiencing. To do this, new forests will be planted in the northeastern province of Hebei (which completely surrounds the city of Beijing), the province of Qinghai on the Tibetan plateau and in the Hunshandake desert in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region in the north.

On the other hand, the central government will allocate 30 billion yuan of policy loans and 10 billion yuan of ecological financial bonds to increase about 670,000 hectares of forest in the national reserve.

Due to this urgency in its particular ‘war against pollution, the country has made priority measures such as cleaning up polluted rivers, expanding its forests or penalizing polluting companies. Unlike the United States, the country that emits the most greenhouse gases after China, the Chinese government is demonstrating its commitment to the fight against climate change. Hard work and little recognized for the moment but that, little by little, will reap environmental successes that will bring enormous benefits at the international level.

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