How to overcome Cancer naturally

How to overcome Cancer naturally

Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch worked for many years with children as a pediatric oncologist until given the scarce results he obtained with conventional treatments and, above all, seeing the enormous suffering that he caused them day by day, he definitively abandoned his practice.

Today, twenty years later and after extensive training in disciplines that are not taught in medical schools, he approaches cancer in a holistic way, bearing in mind above all the Hippocratic principle of "First, do no harm." Treatment that takes into account the psychological and emotional aspects in addition to the physical, an area in which to detoxify, solve possible vitamin, mineral, orthomolecular, enzymatic and hormonal deficiencies, thus enhancing the immune system and balancing the body bioenergetically are always useful and necessary steps.

Oncologists, when it comes to treating cancer, have been taught a medicine that is based on destroying tumor cells instead of trying to restore the metabolic pathways that have been damaged and ultimately lead to tumor development - he explains Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch-. And what is involved is to understand that if we modify the “terrain” it is possible to even reverse the evolution of tumor cells or cause their suicide or apoptosis ”.

“We are told - says Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch - that when a tumor appears, the first thing to do, if possible, is 'cut off its head'; that is, use surgery. And if it is not possible, radiotherapy is then considered; that is to say, scorch the tumor, 'send it to the stake'; well, rather bring the bonfire to him. The other option would be chemotherapy, that is, 'poison him'. And it is added for free that if all that fails, nothing more can be done.

According to Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch, how every tumor lives in an acidic environment poor in oxygen and loaded with sodium, feeding on dextrorotatory proteins to neutralize it, what you have to do is deacidify and oxygenate the body, follow an alkaline diet very low in sodium or salt. and provide selective action proteolytic enzymes with the ability to eliminate right-handed proteins while leaving the left-handed proteins intact.

Dr. Alberto Marti Bosch

Summary of your Protocol to HEAL a patient NATURALLY

1 - Intestinal cleansing (cleansing foods, enema, colonic enema, aloe vera)

2 - Alkalize the patient (food + hydrotherapy baths, 20 grams of salt per liter)

3 - Low sodium diet (without salt)

4 - Diet without sugar (replace with stevia)

5 - Proteolytic enzymes with selective action - (Pineapple or pineapple and papaya or sucker)

6 - Hyperoxygenate the system

7 - Vitamin C (inhibits fructokinase, part of ATP, food for bad cells)

8 - Filter cleaning plants (liver, kidney and lung)

9 - Plants that stimulate the immune system and activate the NK Cell

10 - Vitamin B (hepatoprotective) Vitamin D and potassium (renal protector)

Video: Cancer Treatment Without Chemo Emily Albright, MD (June 2021).