Change of epoch and contradictions in a global world

Change of epoch and contradictions in a global world

The clearest manifestation, although still little assumed and internalized by a large part of humanity, is the global change or set of ecological-environmental transformations of an anthropic nature that are altering the capacity of the Earth to sustain human life as we know it. . Climate change is perhaps the most urgent and well-known manifestation, but it is certainly not the only one.

The era of the Anthropocene

To draw attention to the fact that the human being has become the main force that shapes the planet, overcoming the erosion action of wind and water and the effect of other internal geological forces (tectonism, volcanism or seismicity), seismicity ), Cruzten and Stoermer coined a new term: the Anthropocene. With it, they indicate that we have entered a new geological stage as a result of the constant acceleration of the capacity of the human species to modify the planet through technology and economic activity. Because of this, the Earth has turned the page in the geological calendar: we have passed the Holocene and inaugurated a new epoch within the Quaternary period, a period in which humans have changed the life cycle of the planet, taking it out of its natural variability.

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