Greenland, the main factor in the rise in sea level

Greenland, the main factor in the rise in sea level

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The findings add to growing concern among scientists that sea water levels are rising faster than anticipated just a few years ago, with potentially devastating consequences.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world live in low "stature" deltas that are vulnerable, especially when rising seas are combined with sinking land due to depletion of water tables or lack of sediment formed by dams.

Major coastal cities are also under threat, while some small island states are already preparing plans for the day when their nearly submerged nations are no longer habitable.

Greenland alone contains enough frozen water to raise the oceans by about seven meters, although experts disagree on the global warming threshold for irreversible melting and how long it would take once set in motion.

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Video: Arctic-Sea Ice Collapse: Greenland Vulnerability; Global Sea-Level Rise; Extreme Weather Mayhem (July 2022).


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