The dangers of sleeping with your mobile nearby

The dangers of sleeping with your mobile nearby

We currently live in a society in which we are all glued to our mobiles 24 hours a day. The mobile, in recent years has undergone a dizzying evolution and we have become dependent on them. It makes life much easier, more comfortable, much more entertaining, but to what extent is it good for our health to live glued to a telephone?

We have reached such a point that if we do not have the cell phone nearby we feel strange, like naked, and we do not leave it in the sun or in the shade. We take it to all the places we go and even sleep with it by our side, without turning it off. This action can be very harmful to us, even if we do not realize it.

If you are reading these lines it is because, either you are one of those who take your mobile to sleep with you, or you know someone who does. This simple fact could be causing a lot of damage and health problems in your life that you had no idea about.

1. Circadian cycle

On the one hand, sleeping with the mobile on near us may be damaging our circadian cycle and our biological clock. We will notice this mainly in that we do not rest well, our sleep is not of quality since we have more nightmares than usual, we wake up several times at night and we tend not to be able to have nights to rest one hundred percent. This is due to the radioactive waves that mobile phones emit and that can significantly affect our rhythm of life.

2. Possibility of getting cancer

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) warn that when we go to sleep it is highly recommended that we keep any electronic device away from us, since these can cause real tragedies in our health. The main one of all is going to be that we are more exposed to suffering from any type of cancer.

3. Stress

Numerous studies link the use of the mobile with pictures of stress, insomnia and headaches. This can trigger in situations of a constant bad mood, habitual lack of concentration, the need to look at the mobile phone at all times, which can make our life a real madness.

Many of us do not believe that a simple device can cause us so many problems in our daily lives, since the electromagnetic waves that mobile phones emit cannot be seen, nor can they be felt, but it does affect our health. For this, experts recommend that we turn off the telephone and all devices that radiate waves, such as the router, at night.

The typical excuse that we usually use is that without the mobile on we are afraid of falling asleep and not being able to go to our workplace, but it is more advisable to resort to the old way and use an awakened clock than the mobile.

On the other hand, it is not at all advisable to look at your mobile just before sleeping. This is a habit that can cause sleep disturbances, since our brain will be overstimulated with the light from the screen and will not relate it to when we go to sleep.

Although it may seem something crazy and ridiculous, we should take into account our dependence on smartphones, since on many occasions they are controlling our lives and this can cause us in our day to day problems in our behavior, in our health and in our relationship with others. If you feel identified with everything you have read in the previous lines, stay tuned and try to control the use of your mobile a little more before it controls your life.

By Inmaculada Jimenez Peral
Bekia Salud

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