What is killing these great white sharks found in South Africa?

What is killing these great white sharks found in South Africa?

Four white sharks were recently found dead off the coast of South Africa, surprising locals and strangers with the unusualness of their deaths, Dailystar announced.

Three of the sharks were dumped on Gansbaai Beach, near Cape Town, last month. Of the three large specimens, one of them weighed a ton and was about 15 feet (almost 5 meters) long.

The bodies of sharks, including the giant, lay on the sand of the popular tourist beach with huge holes on the sides. Three beaches near Magaluf and Palma had to be closed for this reason, says the British publication.

In the bodies, a large hole was observed between the pectoral fins, from where they were torn to reveal their body cavity and the absence of their large livers.

Four days later, a fourth shark was found near Danger Point in similar conditions.

Biologist Alison Towner of Marine Dynamics, who studies marine fauna, said: "We have never seen anything like this before in deaths of great white sharks," according to the newspaper's reports.

What had happened to these feared marine predators?

Faced with this disconcerting event, the clues pointed to a clear explanation.

Tourists in this region often go diving to see sharks from a cage. However, they noticed that the number of sharks had been decreasing.

This decline in the shark population coincided with the sighting of killer whales in the surroundings. So all the clues were enough to believe that they were responsible and everything points to a pitched battle between these feared sea monsters.

Following studies conducted by the Department of Environmental Affairs, Alison Towner explained that the attacks were caused by one or more killer whales, according to reports from the BBC.

In fact, the culprits seem to be well identified and even baptized as "Port" and "Starboard", due to the inclination of their dorsal fins, explains the news page.

Indeed, sharks fear killer whales with good reason, since these killer whales, known as “sea lions”, “are the only known predator of the Great White and are extremely intelligent and specialized hunters that also feed on seals and dolphins and turtles and squid, ”reveals Dailystar.

Killer whales reportedly ripped off their nutrient-rich livers during a bloody battle.

"Nature can be so cruel, but the dexterity with which these whales are capable is impressive," said Towner.

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