Caribbean countries analyze how to develop effective national adaptation plans to climate change

Caribbean countries analyze how to develop effective national adaptation plans to climate change

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The objective of the workshop, which will take place in Georgetown, Guyana, is to strengthen the capacity of public officials for the development of national adaptation plans, through the identification of the main tools available to elaborate these plans, as well as the exchange of experiences and lessons learned. The idea is that these plans can facilitate the integration of adaptation to climate change into government policies and programs.

The event is part of the Global Program to Support National Adaptation Plans (NAP-GSP) implemented by UN Environment and the United Nations Development Program, with funding from the Fund for the Environment. World Environment. Before this workshop, two workshops with the same characteristics have already been held, one in Panama, for Central American countries, and another in Colombia, for South America and Mexico.

UN Environment also created last year, through the REGATTA initiative funded by the Government of Spain, a community of practice for public officials from Latin America and the Caribbean in charge of developing these plans. Researchers and specialists from international cooperation, as well as from civil society and the private sector, advise countries on issues of common interest.

This community has a regional forum in which topics, tools and information of interest for the development of National Adaptation Plans in Latin America and the Caribbean are discussed.


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