Stephen Hawking's troubling prediction of life on Earth

Stephen Hawking's troubling prediction of life on Earth

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In November 2016, during a conference at Oxford University Union, Stephen Hawking stated that life on the planet would be impossible in a time frame that is, in terms of the universe, a blink of an eye: "I don't think we will survive another thousand years without escaping our fragile planet, "he said then. However, it has just made a correction to the term much more disturbing.

"Professor Stephen Hawking believes that the human species will have to inhabit another planet in the next 100 years, if it is to survive," announced the BBC in a documentary in which the astrophysicist changed his forecast. "With climate change, expected asteroid crashes, epidemics and population growth, our planet is increasingly precarious."

In "Expedition New Earth", an episode in the Tomorrow’s World series, Hawking and his colleague Christophe Galfard discuss how human life would be possible on other planets. In recent months Hawking has repeated his calls to seek a new habitat for the human species. You have talked about the Moon and also about finding a way to stay on Mars.

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