The mechanism of food with agrochemicals in the body

The mechanism of food with agrochemicals in the body

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By Matilde Moyano

From a systemic view of the phenomenon of life, health and disease,Agrochemicals are a very important part of the causal factors of all kinds of chronic degenerative diseases.This is what the Doctor transmitted to usJorge Kaczewer, pioneer of the Argentine agroecological movement that promoted the creation of the Argentine Movement for Organic Production (MAPO).

In a context in which SENASA documents were released detailing operations in which consignments of fruits and vegetables fumigated with up to 22 pesticides were found (which are for sale in the central markets of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and La Plata), it is important to knowwhat is it that these chemicals trigger in our body, because "the human being is much more than the sum of the parts", as this doctor assures, who suggests "untying the knots" originated by the specialists who "break into pieces" the patients.

Previously,Kaczewer he participated in our documentary 'When food production makes us sick'. Know in this interview the damage that contaminated food generates in our health:

// Do you have patients affected by agrochemicals?

I have patients specifically affected by agrochemicals due to my participation for a decade and a half in the different groups of the environmental movement that denounces the problem of agrochemicals, which goes hand in hand with the advance of transgenic crops.The Argentine consumer is exposed to a cocktail of pesticides in the diet in the form of vestiges that he consumes every dayIn addition, I have many patients poisoned by specific clouds of an agrochemical or several.

// Even if we are not directly exposed to agrochemicals, can they trigger a disease?

Today we can speak of ‘human superorganism’, which is made up of the human being and the microorganisms that live inside the human being. For every cell we have 10 bacteria inside in a healthy state, this equates about 50 trillion cells to 500 trillion bacteria.Imagine a little plane passing 3 or 4 times a day over a kilo and a half of bacteria throwing pesticides, preservatives, flavorings, fixatives, antioxidants, etc.

// The WHO has already established that glyphosate is ‘possible carcinogenic’ and there are many other studies that associate this agrochemical with cancer.

The pesticides that are used, mainly glyphosate, intervene producing a disruption in a series of links and relationships with our physiology that end up collaborating with the appearance of all kinds of diseases, especially the great epidemic of autoimmune diseases, the current epidemic of cancers that is alarming.

If today 2 out of 10 suffer from cancer, we are going towards a future of 2 out of 3. And cancer is nothing more than an intelligent attempt by the body to defend itself, andthere is a medicine that still believes that cancer is the tumor. Cancer we are humans. A human with cancer is globally affected, the tumor is not the disease.

// What other types of diseases can agrochemicals cause?

We receive patients with systemic, neurological, skin, and digestive problems, for having been exposed to clouds, that is, for having been literally fumigated. Even an INTA employee who worked as an administrator next to greenhouses where glyphosate was fumigated and the wind carried the glyphosate to the office. There are people who come with a conjunction of diseases where cancer is the least serious.

// Exposure to glyphosate can cause serious problems like those in sprayed villages. But for a city person who eats food contaminated with this herbicide, what health complications can it cause?

All the vegetables that are sold in Argentina and that are not organic are exceeded in the maximum limit allowed between pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. We are really in the oven. The fact that our liver, intestine and pancreas allow us to continue living, does not mean that the damage does not go inside and that at some point it explodes, the barrel overflows. So, one of the layers of the barrel that is making a sum of events and irritations so that later a disease as serious as cancer arises, are pesticides.

Also, herethere is a problem also linked to transgenic foods, where we are every day entering the bloodstream bits of genetic code that have never been in contact with the human immune system before, then this is a repetitive stress injury to the human immune system and therefore thecurrent epidemic of diseases that a decade or a generation ago were not even heard and today are the norm: autoimmune diseases such as celiac disease, kroll's disease, ulcerative colitis, siogren's syndrome, the fan is spectacular, it is a quantity of autoimmune pathology where the system ends up confusing the same with the other and attacks everything.

// And with regard to soy, is a person who eats a lot of foods that are derived from soy at risk?

Soy synthesizes phytoestrogens as an evolutionary defense element to limit its predators, this is to sterilize the males that eat the plant.We have a problem of hormonal disruption, we have a problem of antinutrients that disturb digestionYou go to the supermarket and 70% of what you put in a cart has derivatives of transgenic soybeans, including most with soy protein isolate, which is the processed derivative of soy that processes the most phytoestrogens. So there is a problem that is not being seen.

// And what can we do to prevent food from affecting us?

Today there are more than one hundred cooperatives that distribute organic food in the commons of the City of Buenos Aires, and the number is much greater throughout the country.

// It's the only way?

It's the only way.

The Federal

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