Young artist creates giants using recycled wood

Young artist creates giants using recycled wood

Thomas Dambo is a Danish artist who uses recycled wood to make his works. He wanted to give this waste a new use to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and reuse.

Thomas has created around twenty sculptures using recycled wood in various cities in Europe. His latest work also draws attention to this matter and consists of six wooden giants that have been left at some points in Copenhagen, Denmark.

"The sculptures are in some of my favorite places in the city, where people don't go often because they are off the beaten track. The sculptures can be found using a treasure map or a poem nailed to a stone near each sculpture. These give clues to find the different giants ", says the artist in Bored Panda.

All the giants have been made from recycled wood. For this he has used about 600 old pallets, a scrap shed, a fence and "anything that can be used". Local volunteers have participated in the work and each sculpture bears the name of one of them.

The idea of ​​the artist is that people can see the potential that recycling has and thus begin to worry about the health of our planet.

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Video: Thomas Dambos Forgotten Giants - Around The World (June 2021).