New phenomenon called 'Steve': column of purplish light in the sky of Canada

New phenomenon called 'Steve': column of purplish light in the sky of Canada

Sky watchers posted images on their Facebook group, which attracted the attention of Professor Eric Donovan, who after studying the phenomenon classified it as a stream of gas that flowed at high speed in the highest part of the atmosphere, according to as specified by the BBC.

At first, the group of fans had defined the column of light as a proton arc, a theory that Donovan contradicted when he pointed out that these types of northern lights are not visible to human eyes.

For this reason, Donovan and his colleagues turned to a constellation of satellites of the European Space Agency (ESA) that studies the Earth's magnetic field and thus obtain more precise data on the phenomenon.


The phenomenon was baptized with the name of "Steve", in honor of the children's film - "Invader Neighbors" - in which the characters use that name to refer to a creature they have never seen before.

There is still very little known about this huge column of purple light, but it is believed that it is not an aurora since it does not originate as a result of the interaction of solar particles with the Earth's magnetic field.

When ESA satellites flew over the gas blast at about 300 km above the Earth's surface, they recorded that the air temperature inside the column was 3,000 ° C warmer than the surrounding air, according to the BBC. On the other hand, the gas was flowing at a speed of 6 km per second, 600 times faster than the surrounding air.

Undoubtedly, natural phenomena - especially those that appear in the sky with a mystical air - attract the attention of both amateurs and scientists.

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