Chilling: the test that shows poison in blood by pesticides

Chilling: the test that shows poison in blood by pesticides

The dominant discourse installed by Monsanto, an American multinational dedicated to the production of agrochemicals and biotechnology, says that the glyphosate that is applied with transgenic soybeans is little less than harmless and that it does not affect those who are not in contact with this pesticity at the moment of the application.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has just considered it a carcinogenic potential and suggests measuring it in the body. In Argentina, Public Health does not include any measurement of agrochemicals in the body, despite its proven negative effects on health.

The NGO Fundación Bios, from Mar del Plata, launched the Mala Sangre campaign and proposed that local authorities take samples to check if they had pesticides in their blood. They refused. Therefore, they did it with local personalities and it turned out that they all had some poison in their blood.

Here is the analysis of Sergio Federovisky, who has glyphosate and methoxychlor in the body:

See here the blood test:

The uncovering

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