The advantages of circular architecture or living in a modern ‘yurt’

The advantages of circular architecture or living in a modern ‘yurt’

The design of the circular houses, as many of you know, is inspired by the yurts used by the Mongols in the steppes of Central Asia. Apparently, these types of facilities serve to protect the Mongols against adverse weather conditions.

The truth is that this continues to be one of the advantages found today in circular houses, which also have in their favor being built with modern materials -which gives them, of course, even greater resistance-. Circular constructions better withstand the passage of winds around them. We could say that the wind moves naturally when it approaches curved surfaces, contrary to what happens when it collides and gets caught between corners. Furthermore, a round roof avoids air-planning that can lift and damage the structure of typical buildings found in the city.

The roof of these modern constructions also, as in the yurts, revolves around a central ring that keeps the roof of the building in a state of compression. The structure is completed with a series of steel cables that surround the outer perimeter, where the trusses are attached to the wall.

Savings and silence

Another advantage of circular houses, considering sustainable criteria, is that they require less material to cover surfaces (less soil is used, less wall ...). Approximately 15-20% less material is invested than in a rectangular structure. This, in addition to resulting in less spending of money, also results in an accentuation of energy efficiency. By having fewer surfaces in contact with adverse weather conditions, energy is better conserved inside the building.

Another benefit that usually stands out over houses designed with a circular design is the magnificent acoustics they achieve inside. Its curved shape softens sounds, making it easy to rest and relax. In addition, in this way it is also achieved that the noise coming from the outside is much less noticeable.

There are many who defend that a circular construction is more comfortable and natural to establish a home. Some, in fact, relate the shape of these designs to that of the mother's womb.

This is how a circular house is built:

But you can still go further, and it is that to the benefits of circular houses, we can add the efficiency of always having the correct solar orientation, in the case of this rotating circular house:


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