The lie of the overpopulation of the planet

The lie of the overpopulation of the planet

In some media we have heard news that reinforces the idea that human beings are "infesting" the planet like parasites, and that there is an overpopulation in the world, for which we will not have enough resources for everyone.

When in reality, it is all part of his plan to push the New World Order agenda and reduce population to "save the Earth."

The truth is that if the more than 7 billion people who inhabit the Earth were together and congregated in the same location, we would fill only the state of Los Angeles in the United States.

Or if all the people in the world were given a small house with a patio and were also gathered in the same location, only the states of Texas, California, New Mexico could be filled and there would be room to spare.

Thomas Malthus and the lie of overpopulation

The author of the overpopulation lie was a British mathematician. His most studied work was published for the first time around the 1700s. In it he declared: overpopulation would destroy the world unless war, famine, disease were brought forward.

According to his theory, when population increases, food production increases as well, then food production would no longer be able to keep up with the population. Then he declared that the world would be without food by the year 1890. It is clear that he was not correct and yet we continue to see his principles applied today.

Do we have enough food for everyone?

Consider this, with a kilometer that is 1,000 square meters, we could feed 3,333 people, but we are going to use 3,000 people per kilometer to make the math easier. Which means that 2,333,333 square kilometers would be needed to feed the entire current population for one year. Total farmland in the US alone is about 922 million acres of land. There are 247.1 Acres per Square Kilometer, that is, there is a total of 3,731,282 Square Kilometers. That's more than the 2,333,333 square kilometers needed to feed the entire population for one year. In other words, farmland in the US alone could feed the entire human population today.

The world's population is declining, not increasing

Fertility rates are increasing, abortions are through the roof, contraception is in high demand, governments are limiting the number of children, see China, we are eating sterilized food and drinking water with fluoride. All this prevents a large population growth.

Over time we will enter a new paradigm in which older people will be more numerous than younger ones. All this in 30 years or so.

Global Mystery

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