They create 100% natural insulation that retards the spread of fire in houses

They create 100% natural insulation that retards the spread of fire in houses

By María Victoria Coutts

Today one of the main challenges in the industry is to createquality products, but at the same time friendly with the environmentThis is the proposed challenge, which in some cases has achieved surprising results, and Chile has not been left behind.

After seven years of work and research, in a warehouse in Duqueco, near Los Angeles, in the Biobío Region, the companyRootman is working on a product that seeks to mark a substantial change in insulation for homes.

It's about aroot mattress (CR)In simple words, a grain-rooted wall insulation that is not only natural, but surpasses in many respects the classics currently used such as plumage, fiberglass and polyurethane.

"The grace is thatit is more thermal than plumage and polyurethane, which are the best insulators nowadays, but at the same time it is acoustic, something that other materials do not have and it also has high resistance to flame ", tells El Definido the general manager ofRootman, Roberto García.

That is to say,burns much slower than other materials, an incredible advantage to protect houses, especially in a country that has seen the harsh consequences of forest fires. García exemplifies: “The plumage burned in three seconds, the fiberglass, which followed, 15 seconds, the polyurethane in 1 minute and the root mattress in60 minutes”.

In addition, although the unit price is a little higher than that of the pen, each of these CR,equates to 3 times the required amount of plumage, to serve as an insulator, then ultimately, the product is cheaper, as well as having superior properties.

Natural material and greater sustainability

Estate! Where are they getting them from? Don't worry, not a single tree is cut down for their manufacture, as they are made withseeds from cultivated grains that go through a hydroponic process specially designed to manufacture these root mattresses.

From the time the grains are sown to harvest, the root mattress takes only 10 days to be ready.They are 100% natural, their production is fast and requires little energy and water.It is a friendly product with the environment (biodegradable) and sustainable.

“This material is a reality, we have already made houses andwe delivered a gift in Santa Olga. Today we are looking for an investor who wants to spread this technology. This is 100% Chilean, it is patented and it is good that we have technology that goes abroad, it is also developed in the province, which is not easy, ”says García.

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