Menstruation: 5 eco-friendly alternatives to disposable tampons and pads

Menstruation: 5 eco-friendly alternatives to disposable tampons and pads

The best known product is probably the menstrual cup, but there are some other alternative forms.

Alternatives to tampons and disposable pads help us reduce our waste and take better care of our hygiene during menstruation.

Sustainable alternatives for menstruation

It is about looking for more ecological alternatives that do not compromise the hygiene of women, or the well-being of the planet.

1. Menstrual cups

It is a kind of cup made of silicone. Very soft to the block and very effective to collect the flow. The good thing about the menstrual cup is that you don't even need to use panty liners, because it is very effective and can pick up a lot of it. To change it, just remove it, empty it into the toilet, wash it carefully with a mild soap and can be reused without problems.

2. Reusable compresses

They are created with overlapping, highly absorbent fabrics. You can do them yourself and have the pads at all times. It is placed like a compress, but when finished using it, it is put in the washing machine. After cleaning and drying, it can be used again.

3. Absorbent briefs

It is about a somewhat recent invention. They are panties whose composition allows you not to have to wear compresses. They are made of a flexible material, which is also capable of absorbing a large quantity, without allowing it to penetrate the clothing. It also avoids odors and can pass through normal panties. They are still being improved, of course, for those who emit a lot of flow during menstruation.

4. Homemade tampons

Who would say they could be done? But the truth is that they can. Tampons are made of cotton, so these can also be made with cotton, but with the help of knitting or crochet needles. You just have to sew it so that it has the desired shape and with the help of an applicator, place it. The good thing about these homemade tampons, as alternatives for menstruation, is that later you don't have to throw them away, but put them to wash.

5. Natural sponges

This is a more comfortable alternative, so to speak. With menstrual cups or homemade tampons, one is suspicious that something will leak. But these are natural sponges that can be washed and that absorb a lot. That is why each time, they are spreading more and more.

Now we know how to deal with menstruation without using more polluting methods such as pads or tampons. Through these alternatives for menstruation, we can maintain intimate hygiene, without polluting the planet.


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