In Buenos Aires, Green Points also receive used cooking oil to recycle

In Buenos Aires, Green Points also receive used cooking oil to recycle

Used cooking oil very frequently ends up in the kitchen sink or toilet. Either way, it ends up in water courses with a high negative environmental impact: a liter of oil can contaminate a thousand liters of water, enough to cover a person's basic consumption for a year and a half.

To reverse this situation, from this weekend 30 Green Points of the City will receive used cooking oil from neighbors to recycle it and turn it into second-generation biodiesel (2G), a fuel that also produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than those from fossils.

The campaign also has a social purpose, because all the used cooking oil that is collected will be made available to the Association for the Fight Against Infant Paralysis (ALPI), an entity that is dedicated to the rehabilitation of people with neuromotor disabilities. ALPI will transport the input to the operating plants for its subsequent transformation into biofuel.

Neighbors can take their bottle of used oil to the 30 Green Points enabled for collection. Those who do it this Saturday 18 and Sunday 19, between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m., will receive in exchange a native plant and a bag with compost from Parque Tres de Febrero.

How to take the used oil to the Green Points ?:

  • It must be cold.
  • Packaged in clean and dry plastic bottles.
  • With the lid tight.
  • Up to 1.5 liters per person per day will be received.
  • It must be oil from household consumption: oil that comes from companies or restaurants will not be accepted.

The 30 Green Points enabled for collection are the following:

To find out where they are located, click here

Among the native plants that are going to be delivered are purple sage, mountain lemon verbena, bull's blood, guaco and field senna.

These plants play an important role in urban biodiversity since they purify the air, absorb excess water after storms and reduce the heat island effect caused by the city's cement, among others.

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