In just two years, she has rescued more than 350 homeless cats

In just two years, she has rescued more than 350 homeless cats

We are saddened by the large number of abandoned animals we see on the streets. It is an unfortunate situation for which we are all responsible. If we could take care of this problem, we would make a lot of pets happy.

As has Zandra Indriksone, a young Latvian who in the last two years has rescued more than 350 abandoned cats. Helped by a group of volunteers, she saves the animals, takes them to a veterinarian and then finds them a home that wants to receive them.

"For example, I go down the street, I see a cat, and I can't just leave. The first thing is to take the cat to the vet to check its health and age," explains Zandra.

In addition, and depending on the time of year, sometimes finding a family for cats is not such a complex process, fortunately.

"If he is well and healthy, you can find him a home even in half an hour. This happens especially in summer. The longest time a cat has spent in a foster home is one month, but it required special treatment," he adds.

Thus, together with other people, Zandra has founded the Cat Care Community, an organization that works to build houses for abandoned cats in Riga and other cities in Latvia.

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