Dutch company manufactures photovoltaic solar panels integrated into ceramic tiles

Dutch company manufactures photovoltaic solar panels integrated into ceramic tiles

One of the disadvantages that solar panels had until now was aesthetics. That aesthetic that, in some cases, prevents people from using solar panels. For those of us who are fully aware of the importance of generating clean energy, aesthetics is an issue that takes a second or third place. But for a part of the population, not so well informed or aware in relation to the importance or impact of renewable energy in our society, aesthetics is an important point in the decision to install solar panels on their roof or not. Fortunately, more and more companies are developing and designing solutions to "aesthetically" integrate solar panels on rooftops, one of the latest Tesla's with its rooftop with integrated solar cells.

Today we are talking about the Dutch company ZEP B.V., which has developed photovoltaic solar panels integrated into ceramic tiles. Aware of this need, he has developed an alternative. ZEP B.V. has just presented a more aesthetic alternative: solar panels that are integrated into ceramic tiles or tiles, and can be easily installed on the roofs of houses.

These solar tiles are dark blue or black, the best colors for absorbing most of the visible light spectrum. The greater the amount of light absorbed, the greater the amount of energy generated.

Its dimensions are 487 x 296 mm (about 19 x 12 inches), they integrate monocrystalline solar cells (9 W) of 156 x 156 mm (approximately 6 x 6 inches).

The efficiency of these solar tiles is almost the same as conventional solar panels. We are talking about a product with an efficiency of 18.49%.

+ Information: ZEP B.V.


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