Medication Alert, do they cure or kill you?

Medication Alert, do they cure or kill you?

The difference between drugs and poisons lies in the dose.

Do you analyze drugs that are already on the market?
Yes, because when a drug comes onto the market it has been tested by a few thousand volunteers, but when it is marketed around the world it is taken by millions of people and that is when unwanted effects can appear, sometimes with fatal outcomes.

What is the drug that most people have killed?
Aspirin, because it is the drug that most people have taken and the perception of its risk is distorted. At low doses - one hundred milligrams a day - it is an excellent cardiovascular protector, but at analgesic doses - one gram - it can cause gastrointestinal bleeding.

Is there data?
In Catalonia there are about 3000 cases of gastrointestinal bleeding per year, of which 40% are attributable to aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs. In the United States, about 15,000 people die each year from gastrointestinal bleeding due to anti-inflammatory drugs; while 12,000 die of AIDS.

Any disease can be caused by a drug: a myocardial infarction by an anti-inflammatory and by many other drugs; pneumonia, any neurological disease or psychiatric pathology can be favored by medications.

I see you are serious about the side effects.
Many cause depression, such as some that treat blood pressure or diuretics in the elderly. Medications for insomnia can cause attacks of aggression, many cases of irritability when getting up is due to medications of this type, such as benzodiazepines or other short-acting hypnotics.

Are we hypermedicated?
Yes, we get to the point that when a person is sad it is colloquially said that he is sad. Antidepressants only work for deep depression, and sadness is not an illness, it is a healthy reaction.

Is there no drug without undesired effects?
No, every drug has its toll. The European Medicines Agency estimates that 197,000 people die from adverse effects each year in Europe. adverse effects are the fourth leading cause of death, behind myocardial infarction, stroke and cancer; and on top of diabetes, lung diseases, and traffic accidents.

Is it a lottery?
No, if taking or prescribing the drug were more attentive to the risks involved, it is estimated that between 65% and 75% of these deaths could be avoided.

Advertising drugs on television should be prohibited.
I have the same opinion. In Spain you can only advertise those that do not finance Social Security, but would ruin it. We are the country in Europe that consumes the most drugs in relation to GDP.

Let's talk about their prices.
They are arbitrary. Making the most expensive medicine, from one hundred to five hundred euros, does not cost more than two euros including the packaging. Supposedly paid the research effort. But between 30% and 40% of the average expenditure of laboratories is allocated to commercial promotion.

The price is negotiated by the Government.
Yes, but with little success. In Spain, the price of the drug is reaching that of Germany, which doubles our per capita income.

What a great deal.
According to the UN development report, it is the third economic sector behind the arms industry and drug trafficking.

They say that new diseases are invented each year.
Yes, especially in relation to the mind and sex. They turn shyness into disease and medicalize it. Now they have invented female sexual dysfunction: “You suffer from female sexual dysfunction… don't laugh…

… If in the last six months you have rejected a proposal for sexual intercourse or you have not had one with full satisfaction ”. Every time one of the high blood pressure committees meets (the American, the European, or the WHO), they lower the level of blood pressure considered normal, and the same happens with cholesterol.

Explain me.
In just a few years, the limit of normality for cholesterol has been lowered in such a way that more and more people need to be treated. it has grown from 3 million people to 25 in 10 years.

The pharmaceutical industry dedicates double (in Spain triple) its budget to commercial promotion than to research. A visit from the commercial representative generates about 35 new prescriptions for the drug. The amazing thing is that in Health there is not a kind of medicine purchasing center with trained people.

Who takes care of the continuous training of health personnel?
Laboratories, so it is very difficult to ensure that there is no influence from commercial interests.

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