Lunar eclipse of February 10. Gaia's quantum leap!

Lunar eclipse of February 10. Gaia's quantum leap!

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By Alana Messineo

We are entering a new, huge quantum leap in consciousness. The cosmic events of the coming days are exceptional, and therefore, this report will not provide much information about their psychological impact, or the direction to take to take better advantage of them.

Simply, I am going to describe the magnitude of the celestial scene, and I recommend to each one, to feel how it vibrates in the reading of the report, and in the reception of information and the energy emitted through the written word.

On the night of the 10th, there is a Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon, in the Leo-Aquarius Axis.

On February 11, a comet approaches Earth, and it is possible that it will show up, closing the great celestial montage.

The eclipse begins at 11:34 p.m. Spanish time, 7:34 p.m. Argentine time, and will be complete two hours later, visible in most of the world, except Australia.

At the same time, the planets line up in two perfect geometric shapes.

1. A Mystical Rectangle, composed of Jupiter, Moon, Uranus and the Sun, from which a Fibonacci Spiral arises, the generating representation of universal harmony, through infinite expansion and contraction.

2. A Pentagram !, whose points of confluence are given by Saturn, Uranus, Moon, Sun and Jupiter. The pentagram is a symbol of the human being in balance. There is in this figure, a hidden but patent participant. It is the Great Galactic Center, together with Saturn.

The two figures function as Seals, they are two Sigils that Heaven sends to Earth, to whose imprint Gaia responds by growing the internal force with which she is freeing herself from the matrix.

Gaia becomes more Present every day

On a human level, this means that more and more people will begin to perceive reality, outside of the iron box imposed by mass manipulation. This means Awakening and Creativity.

The Leo Aquarius axis in which the Eclipse is installed, indicates that our liberation is now cosmically driven with fierceness, providing instructions, inspiration and energy for a new way of facing life.

Moment by moment, we are going to enter, from now on, into a nascent New Intelligence, solving our obstacles and problems from completely fresh, unprecedented perspectives and strategies, intimately linked to the Incarnation of our Essence.

Gaia is awakening, she is stretching, and all the darkness, all this dark night of the soul that humanity is living, is the result of the convulsions that Mother Earth, Tara (as the Earth was called in ancient Lemuria), is producing for breaking through and traversing the dark webs in which she has been bound until now.

We are entering a new phase of collective purge. So the tighter you are feeling, or have felt in recent times, the more power you can gain from this moment, if you focus on the Big Vision, and not on the limiting aspects of the situation before you. You have to realize that your "problem" is a challenge that leads to your takeover. And that your takeover is not linked in any way to actions disconnected from your Essence.

But the most amazing thing is the verification that Gaia, this time, behaves as an active participant, and is responding, as befits an Awakened Being, from within.

We are going to talk about the amazing phenomenon that has occurred these days, in relation to the Schumann Resonance.

The Schumann resonance is a measurement of the waves that arise from the surface of the Earth, and impact the ionosphere.

This earthly heartbeat, when it was discovered, vibrated at 7.8 Hertz, (cycles per second), surprisingly, this rhythm was equivalent to the vibration of the human brain, in waking conditions.

Years after being discovered, the heartbeat of the Earth began to accelerate, at 8, 10 and 12 Hertz.

Following each acceleration, the waves of the human brain begin to vibrate in line with those of Mother Earth. By the Law of Unity, the human energy system seeks to align and resonate with the Earth. In his attempt to adjust to it, he records, for example, tachycardia, clouded mind, dizziness, and all signs, but not symptoms, of DNA changes.

But then, the whole system, the physical, mental and emotional bodies go into a phase of greater integration, and what separated us from true knowledge begins to fall. With each acceleration, the matrix that has separated the human being from recognizing his true nature, is cracking.

Each acceleration of the Earth's heartbeat produces, in turn, an increase in its frequency. And, along with that rise, an acceleration of time.

Each elevation of the Schumann Resonance generates a decrease in gravity and a reactivation of the DNA of all beings that inhabit the planet.

As of 2014, the heartbeat of the Earth reached peaks of 16 Hertz.

Well, in the past week, an unknown force has raised the heartbeat of the Earth to 36 Hertz, in just two days!

This means that it will be increasingly difficult for the sleeping crowd whose paradigm rests on consensus to keep their heads buried in the arena of induced fear and mass manipulation.

In everyone's life, the Heartbeat will bring to the surface all truth, all denial, and all control maneuvers.

The putting in order, the breaking of the network of collective unconsciousness, which has been unfolding since last year, can produce sudden and unexpected endings. There is a cleansing of the deepest fears, and a shedding of veils.

For the mass of souls who are working on conscious growth, there is a cleansing of naivety, and of the tendency to allow themselves to be abused. Behind this energy vanguard, of which you are a part, because, otherwise, you would not be reading this report, comes the upward push for those who have not awakened yet.

This is, only in part, the energetic panorama that is constellated with this Eclipse.

Here is a meditation to do in the hours of the Eclipse, and up to fifteen days later:

"Be outdoors. If this is not possible, at least stand next to a window or on a balcony.

If you have a glass, previously cleaned and activated, you can hold it in your hands.

Connect with Gaia and her heartbeat, from your Presence.

Feel that beat rise from the heart of Gaia, and pass to the crystal, which is now flickering, as if emitting pulses of light.

Feel, see, visualize, that you are in the middle of a Pentagram of Diamond Light, radiated from Heaven, which in turn contains within a golden rectangle.

Feel the emotion of this liberating moment ...

Thank each and every one of the planets that have aligned.

Attract the energy of both celestial figures to the crystal, visualizing that its light is printed inside it.

See, envision how a white or pink flower emerges from the glass, very pure and perfumed.

Offer this flower to Gaia-Tara ...

Feel that you enter into dialogue with Her. Express what you want to communicate at that time, explain your most beloved project, and show him how that project is, in some way, at his service ...

Hear Gaia's response.

Write down what you have heard, give thanks, and close the meditation. "

The crystal, thus programmed, is now a support in your growth as an Awakened and Balanced human being, inhabiting a Free and Sacred planet.

Happy entry into a New Spiral of Accelerated Growth.

Do not fear, it is yourself, yourself, who asks for this acceleration, and you are getting used to navigating its new cosmic spiral.

Image: Image: Robert Venosa

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