Floating gym in Paris uses green energy generated by its clients

Floating gym in Paris uses green energy generated by its clients

The Italian architecture firm Carlo Ratti Associati has developed a unique eco-sustainable project of its kind. Shaped like a boat navigating the waters of the Seine River, in Paris –France–, it is a gym that works with the energy generated by the physical activity of the clients themselves. In other words, both the electricity consumption of the gym for its operation and navigation comes from human energy.

For the eco-sustainable project designers, it was essential to find a space that could sustain itself, which is why, when investigating, they found that a 20-meter-long boat could be propelled with the human energy of 45 people. So they used these dimensions for users to generate green energy through bicycles and training devices, and take advantage of human movement without reinforcing the ecological footprint. The result was named Navigator Gymnasium of Paris.

The idea came up with the intention of inspiring more and more people to exercise, so the combination of ecological awareness and design - the gym is open-top for summer days - became the main basis of the project. This offers the possibility of making the theory of eco-sustainability tangible, generating a kind of motivation and awareness in relation to the environment.


Video: Floating gym in Paris powered by exercising commuters (July 2021).