Bullying: the great enemy of environmental education

Bullying: the great enemy of environmental education

By Carlos Ruperto Fermin

The birth chart of the wonderful Mother Earth tells us that a bull can be a feather flying in the desert, and that a feather can be a bull galloping in the jungle. Every time we fall into the sinkhole or overcome obstacles, we are demonstrating that the weight of life is measured by the power of the body, by the cunning of the mind, and by the value of the soul.

However, our insecurity is strengthening the distrust in the environment, and social pressure forces us to fight with a bloody jaw, so as not to give ground to foreign enemies, who preach the vigor of biological miscegenation.

We live in the age of personal dissatisfaction. We are fortunate to have a pair of eyes, which immortalize the color of the rainbow. We are fortunate to have a pair of legs, which walk the streets of hope. And we are fortunate to have a heart of stone, which breaks the silence with each groan of pain at night.

Not so much violence is justified in homes, in families, in offices, and in classrooms.

A blind man would give away his last second of life, to see the sunrise again. A deaf-mute would give his last breath of life, to listen to the sweet love of the birds. And a sick person would give away his last memory of life, to regain the peace of blissful health.

We are blessed by the Pachamama and sanctified by the Cosmos. It does not matter if we have a physical disability or a mental deficiency, because the difference between enjoying life and defeating death depends on the positive or negative attitude we adopt in the face of daily problems.

But the dirt of Modern Society that permeates the 21st century, never tires of dirtying the natural thermometer of a resplendent planet Earth, which brays with the ferocity of an infernal animal called Human Being, who in just nine months can convert the ecstasy of the orgasm, in a multicultural phenomenon full of existential ignorance.

This legendary anthropological stigma is known as “Bullying”, the Anglo-Saxon devil with sexual dimorphism, which destroys the harmonious relationship between Humanity and the Environment. A little uniformed devil that represents the moral putrefaction of his aggressive idiosyncrasy, in which he lives daily with his grandparents, parents and children.

We see that the classic human cowardice does not allow infanticide to be committed, so global overpopulation forces millions of unwanted angels to be happily procreated by the work and grace of a Hippocratic Holy Spirit, who with a knife will break the hook and with a Spanking will quiet the crying.

We use the gifts of Nature at our own convenience, and after receiving the first saving grace of baptism, we transform ourselves into sinful machines at the service of envy, corruption, revenge, and evil.

It is no coincidence that the mark of the beast is still reflected in the Taman Shud on Somerton beach, because after murdering the piñata at the traditional birthday party, we never imagined that for each palace full of hubbub, a new one would be born. psychological disorder in the child's reason.

That is why hyperactive bullying, which is defined in English with the famous name of Bullying, is the consequence of the premature mistreatment that a large part of young people receive from their homes, where there are only shouting, pushing, hitting, strapping, spitting, tantrums and betrayals.

The follies in the bed that symbolized the best of ecological nests, could not prevent the children from entering a primary educational system, which fructifies the primitive instinct to survive in four walls of resentment.

Among the books, notebooks, blackboards and pencils, drugs, tears, cigarettes, beer and guns are hidden, which are slaughtering the future of the most innocent young Latin Americans.

History is still written with aged flower ashes, because applying environmental education in schools is a real ridiculousness, when we know that the scars and bruises that forever mark the lives of students, cannot be evaded from behind and behind. by the skirts of the worst teachers.

Those of us who suffered from tragic bullying for a glorious quarter of a century, we can affirm that environmental education is a theoretical and practical content, virtually impossible to project in high schools, while most of the boys are confused, and only think of the chains of the fear, depression, misunderstanding, failure and potential suicide.

The development of ecology goes hand in hand with mental health. If we have a generation of insane young people who yearn to set fire to school, steal the best of smartphones, vomit saliva to contemplate beauty, share stupid things on social networks, consent to penetrations without contraception, and play military video games to forget family neglect, it will be very difficult for conservationism to take over your five senses.

Bullying addiction is a lethal injection for Mother Earth. The students start the academic cycle in public and private educational centers, like a light pen in the warmest of deserts, but as the years go by full of triphthongs and equations, the pen begins to be as handcuffed and annoyed as the rugged jungle bull.

If a child dares to recycle their breakfast waste at school, the rest of the students will surely break their crystal clear four eyes. If a child dares to save the drinking water of the school, the rest of the mammals will surely whip him in the humiliating backyard. And if a child dares to turn off the incandescent light bulb in the library, the rest of the criminals will surely return the favor in the disgusting sanitary room.

The worst thing about the unfortunate locomotive is that when the child tells his parents that they humiliated him for recycling, surely his parents will yell at him and shut his mouth. When the child tells his parents that they humiliated him for saving drinking water, surely his parents will break his snout and lock him in the cage. And when the child tells his parents that they humiliated him for saving electricity, surely his parents will already be watching television or sleeping.

The feather resists abuse with eternal nightmares, but the bull tires with the horns at dawn.

This is the danger that bullying represents for the Latin American community. We play with fire every time we repeat the same boring classes in Math, Geography and Chemistry, while we know that the dealer is negotiating the dust in the hall, that the whore is being trampled in the dark in the dining room, that the ugly duckling is busted acne with the rearview mirror, and that the excellent school board always gets its money in their pockets.

Categorizing the outburst of bullying as the most "normal" thing in the world, as a simple stage of puberty, and as a necessary punishment to reinforce the behavior of young people, impunity against the victims is increasing, and perversion is accelerating media of the perpetrators, and is consolidating the sad citizen indifference to environmental education, which emerges as the only homeopathy capable of removing malignant cancer from people.

However, there are very brave Latin American boys who DO NOT give in to adversity, and who have harvested ecological experiences worthy of presenting to the community with much effort.

For example, we have the Orquesta de Instrumentos Reiclados de Cateura in Paraguay, which turned the garbage from the streets of Asunción into an opportunity for social rescue for many humble children, who have nothing to lose because of all the ill-drinks of extreme poverty. , they dared to trust blindly in the universal language of music, and now they have a sacred gold leaf under the arms of Saint Cecilia.

Most of those humble Paraguayan children lived in the grip of illiteracy. They did not know how to write the word Bullying in either English or Spanish. They did not have a spectacular iPhone hanging at the waist of their pants, and they did not dance to reggaeton songs on their popular Facebook profiles.

Despite living in the vicinity of the Cateura garbage dump, which produced a source of permanent environmental contamination, the neurons of the young Paraguayans were NOT mentally contaminated, so they learned to play instruments such as the violin, the double bass, the guitar, the flute and trumpets, which were made thanks to the creativity of reusing solid waste from the aforementioned landfill.

The result of mixing philanthropy in rural areas with the exercise of environmental education, resulted in a successful children's orchestra with Paraguayan talent, which invites us to emulate that beautiful feat in our Latin American towns.

Although we all know that the dynamite of bullying continues to explode with violence in schools in Latin America, it is more intelligent to change the bullets of war for the pacifism of art, for the love of a pet rescued from the road, and for a reddish kiss on the tender cheek.

Bullying is like weeds in the fields, it grows until the roots are cut.

Therefore, the first step to eliminate the vicious circle of bullying is to recognize that we are suffering in a place where we should learn with joy, so raising our voice and denouncing physical and verbal aggressions that affect our emotional integrity, is the only responsible decision that can free us from the conflict.

Report so that they hear our complaint, report again to help us, and report again to demand solutions. Do not hesitate to communicate with your parents, teachers, neighbors, friends, policemen and priests, who will give you the support and solidarity that you so much need to get out of the darkness.

The blame does not fall on the weak pen, nor does it protrude from the strong bull. We are simply experiencing the storm of serious social anarchy, in which everyone wants to buy the cross of Jesus Christ at the lowest retail price.

Let us remember that on January 26, World Environmental Education Day is celebrated, a date hidden in the limbo of the populations and their inhabitants, who deny the relevance of their annual celebration.

We need a willingness to change in the wild Hispanic winds. A red alert of the highest voltage, which arouses interest in preserving the common good, and which restores the Earth's natural resources.

We assure you that there is a promise of salvation under the pillow, and we will dream of the same blue sky that we almost lost yesterday.

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