The 'impossible' engine without fuel is tested for the first time successfully

The 'impossible' engine without fuel is tested for the first time successfully

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Chinese scientists have revealed that they have successfully launched a prototype of the fuel-free version of the EmDrive engine. The engine was tested in the Chinese space laboratory Tiangong-2, and now they hope to use it in orbiting satellites, reported the British newspaper 'Daily Mail'.

The EmDrive motor consists of a magnetron, which generates microwaves, and a resonator that collects the energy from these vibrations. This design makes it possible to transform the emission of waves into propulsion. The propulsion capacity of the EmDrive would allow it to reach Mars in just ten weeks.

At a press conference in Beijing, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Space Technologies stated that the Chinese government has been funding research on this engine since 2010, which allegedly violates the laws of physics.

According to Li Feng, director of the satellite development department, the prototype has a towing capacity of several millinewtons and to work on a satellite it should reach a level close to 1.1 newtons. This means that they will have to improve the design to reduce energy loss.

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