Portable electric composter that converts organic waste into fertilizer in 24 hours

Portable electric composter that converts organic waste into fertilizer in 24 hours

According to the company, the machine is capable of reducing the organic waste of an average family up to 180 kg per year. In addition, the process helps reduce the volume of garbage by two thirds.

This electric composter has been designed for a residential type kitchen. Its dimensions are similar to those of a normal garbage container and its operation is very simple and practical.

It connects to the Wi-Fi network so that you can program it remotely, as well as control the process through an application.

We do not know many details of the process that takes place inside the machine, although according to the designers themselves “it uses oxygen, humidity, heat, an additive of vegetable origin and a stirrer” that can reduce the volume of waste “by two thirds in 24 hours." The vegetable additive can be coconut husks along with baking soda.

After the cycle is over, the organic waste turns into solid, all-organic compost. The material is similar to common fertilizers and is very useful for adding nutrients to our gardens and gardens.

Although the device says it is capable of decomposing waste in 24 hours, the compost has not been finished at that time (in my opinion), but since it appears to be a flow system rather than a batch processor, the accumulated production the system in two or three weeks might be more realistic.

It could be a solution for large families or businesses that produce a lot of organic waste, but I don't see it feasible to put a machine of this type in every kitchen in the world. Any home composting or vermicomposting system is much more effective.

What is clear is that we must reduce our waste at home, both organic and plastic of any kind.

A great idea but currently out of price. For this reason, an attempt will be made to finance through a crowdfunding campaign with an advance price of US $ 699 and could go on the market in the spring of 2017. Those interested in the news about the progress can register in Zera.

The device will be unveiled in January at the Consumer Electronics Show.


Video: Organic Waste Composting Machine - Manufacturer in India (June 2021).