Spain: 40 Madrid municipalities declared themselves free of circuses with animals

Spain: 40 Madrid municipalities declared themselves free of circuses with animals

More and more municipalities are joining the prohibition in their municipalities of circuses with wild animals. In Las Rozas, several local associations collect signatures so that the Consistory does not authorize these shows, understanding that they are a type of abuse.

In Spain there is a legal vacuum that does not guarantee public safety, rights or decent conditions for these species. For this reason, there are already 40 Madrid municipalities that have declared themselves "free of circuses with animals." A total of 235 Spanish towns have joined the network modifying their ordinances through motions. The figure does not include Catalonia, which in July 2015 became the first region to pass a regional enforcement law that will come into force next year.

In the Community of Madrid, and only so far this year, 32 municipalities have declared themselves free of circus shows. In January, only eight towns were part of this network that Lozoyuela, a town of 1,200 inhabitants, has just arrived. Here, the parties in the government took an initiative to the plenary session on October 31 that was approved with the votes against the PP.

In addition to Lozoyuela, the initiative has been developed in Alcobendas, Alcorcón, Coslada, Fuenlabrada, Getafe, Móstoles, Parla, San Fernando de Henares or San Sebastián de los Reyes, among others.

The capital is also preparing a new ordinance to replace the one approved in 2001: it will ban circuses with animals, but in no case will it affect bullfighting.

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