The reality of animal experiments

The reality of animal experiments

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By Earthgonomic

Scientific advance is fundamental today, which has multiple benefits for all human beings, but since the 16th century, in search of our well-being, primates, rats, mice, rabbits, reptiles, dogs, cats, pigs and fish have been used and massacred in the name of science to learn more about their body parts, blood circulation and their physiological makeup, among others, as well as they have also experimented on them to test substances such as drugs, cosmetics, herbicides, pesticides, products cleaning agents, paints and even pet food, as well as various substances for scientific and industrial procedures.

In military research, for example, some animals are used to test poisonous gases, decompression sickness, blast wounds, burns, and radiation to evaluate new weapons.

The animals are raised individually in laboratories inside small cages and according to the experiment, the animals can be deprived of sleep, water or food, as well as apply irritants to their feet and eyes, have them under psychological stress, be paralyzed, surgically mutilated, irradiated , burned or electrocuted.

It is proven that animals are beings that have the capacity to feel pain, fear or anguish just like us and in these tests most of the time they are not given anesthesia or enough dose not to cause them such suffering. Even 90% of all experiments end with euthanasia or death during the process.

The estimated use of animals in experiments ranges between 41 and 100 million animals per year worldwide, in which countries such as the United States and Japan have figures between 14 and 21 million since 1992, of which approximately 80% are mice and rats.

It is scientifically proven that the experiments in them are unreliable, because several results lead to many errors and there are numerous substances that have very different or opposite effects in humans and animals. That is why hundreds of drugs are currently recalled for having adverse reactions in patients despite having been tested and approved after use in animals.

There are other alternative methods that exist to supplant these experiments and one of them is the studies that are done on people with an incurable disease who wants to help find a cure that will benefit both him and others. Another alternative currently used is tissue culture to test treatments and drugs.

The search for knowledge is not an end that justifies any action and even less if it is about the life of a living being that cannot defend itself or choose for itself. Technology is advancing and there are always new ways to replace experiments that put innocent lives at risk.

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