This was the first day of the ‘Moving for Climate NOW’

This was the first day of the ‘Moving for Climate NOW’

The nearly 50 people who started the Moving for Climate NOW cycling route in Seville this Monday, November 7, with the help of the Spanish Global Compact Network and Iberdrola, are already in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) after completing the first stage on your way to the Marrakech Summit. All the participants, coming from different fields of civil society, ride with a common challenge: to fight against climate change.

"We are very different people beating for the same goal," said the representative of the Red Cross, Sara Casas, in statements to Europa Press. "A team that is fighting in unison with the same goal, since, individually, it can be done But collectively, much more is done. "

"From a protest point of view, this march represents that either we come together to agree to fight all against climate change, or the most vulnerable groups are going to suffer because this no longer has unemployment, it no longer has a remedy, so, we are at the moment of fighting, but together ", he pointed out.

Casas has indicated that his first stage has been a "very enriching" experience. "I'm having a great time, without suffering ... we are talking to each other and we are getting to know each other," he explained.

For his part, the director of planning and innovation of Ayuda en Acción, Jorge Cattaneo, pointed out that "it is nice to feel united with a common goal".

"In a double fight: on the one hand to fight for climate change and on the other to reach Marrakech", said Cattaneo.

"It is a wonderful and very beautiful experience because we are very different people, from different institutions and we are enjoying a lot together, and everything, in a wonderful environment", added Cattaneo, while indicating that the Summit "is about a moment very important and historic in which the fight against poverty is combined with the fight for sustainability ".


In the same vein, the head of Sustainability Management of the Iberdrola Group, Mónica Oviedo, has highlighted the fact that it is "a project with very diverse initiatives: private sector, public sector, third sector, people who are athletes, people which is not ... something that in the end is very interdisciplinary ".

Likewise, Oviedo has stated that it is "very important" that the exit took place this Monday, November 7, because it coincides with the start of the Marrakech Summit. "It is something positive to get everyone aware of the problem," he indicated.

Meanwhile, the director of Energy Policies and Climate Change of the Group and president of the Energy Commission of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Carlos Sallé, has pointed out that the "first sensations of the march are very interesting". "The body must be acclimatized to the bicycle and, at the same time, they get to know each other because, taking advantage of the fact that the bikes are electric, they give themselves moments to chat quietly," he commented.


"In the first day we have seen how there is a lot of awareness: representatives of the State, civil society, Morocco ... creating a situation in which each one has something to say - Sallé stressed -. Today the Marrakech Summit begins and We hope to send positive waves. "

Among the participants in Moving for Climate NOW are representatives of international organizations such as the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the International Energy Agency; institutions such as the Spanish Office for Climate Change, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Morocco, the Biodiversity Foundation and the Seville City Council (whose mayor is also President of the Spanish Network of Cities for Climate); initiatives such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development or Carbon Disclosure Project, civil society through NGOs such as ECODES, Red Cross and Ayuda en Acción; a representative of the Spanish Paralympic team, universities such as the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, the Universidad Pablo de Olavide and Cambridge University; and companies such as Climate and Strategies, BBVA and the Spanish Green Growth Group, among others


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