In search of well-being with essential oils and aromatherapy

In search of well-being with essential oils and aromatherapy


Ginger and opium, for example, were already used for religious purposes by the Chinese. In India, Vedic literature describes around 2,000 BC, some 700 substances, with a philosophical and religious point of view in their use, in addition to the therapeutic one.

The Egyptians used them in the form of aromatic baths and to embalm the pharaohs. Writings have been found that demonstrate that the Egyptians already knew how to distill the essences of conifers 40 centuries BC.

Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, also prescribed perfumed ointments and vapors to his patients.

Later, with the fall of the Roman Empire, its use fell into oblivion until, in the Middle Ages, the Arabs rediscovered its properties and uses.

But the great boom in essential oils and aromatherapy occurred with the French bourgeoisie who used aromatic baths. In Paris there were about thirty public baths for these purposes.

At that time, the pharmacy favored the development of the distillation of essential oils, which were known by the name of "fifth essence."

Much later, by the 1950s, physical therapists, nurses, cosmetologists, massage therapists, doctors, and other health professionals began using essential oils as an alternative to conventional treatments.

Today, thanks to society's interest in natural products, and backed by the experience and scientific information available, the essential oils market has renewed its momentum, revealing new and better prospects for those who do not give up in the constant search for new business.

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