Paris by law allows anyone to have urban gardens

Paris by law allows anyone to have urban gardens

After applying for a permit, Parisians will be able to grow their gardens on the walls, on the roofs, in the gardens, anywhere, even in the flower beds of the trees on the street. They can grow their food in their homes or offices. They can grow their flowers, vegetables or fruits. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, aims to create 100 hectares of gardens using the walls, facades and roofs throughout the city by 2020, a third of that space dedicated to urban gardens.

Gardeners must use sustainable methods, avoiding toxic pesticides and promoting biodiversity in the city. They will need a permit from the City Council and must commit to properly maintaining their urban gardens and ensuring that the vegetation improves the aesthetics of the city. The city of Paris will issue the permits for three years, with the option of renewal.

The city asked residents to be creative with where they will grow their plants and will provide them with a "planting kit" with seeds and topsoil. They say they have offered residents some suggestions, but mostly they hope that people will use their imaginations to figure out where they can put their gardens and make the city greener.

Paris city officials hope the law will improve the quality of life for Parisians and increase the beauty of the city. They also hope that it can help strengthen relationships with its neighbors and "create social ties" in the city.

And it is that Paris in particular and France in general, are legislating in favor of the environment, with measures to be imitated such as:

Require by law to new buildings green roofs and solar panels.
By law, supermarkets are prohibited from throwing food away.
Pave 1000 km of your road with solar panels.
Remove plates, cutlery, glasses and plastic bags from the market.

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