What injuries the use of the mobile phone causes

What injuries the use of the mobile phone causes

Phones are smart, but the way they are used is not, and it leaves consequences. Some doctors already speak of wasapitis to refer to the intense pain that appears in the thumbs from typing messages without stopping. It occurs because the tendon that controls the movement that flexes the fingers becomes inflamed. To treat it, medications are not worth it and a radical measure must be applied: limit the use of mobile phones.

The posture we adopt to look at the screen is, in the long run, the main source of injury. The cervicals are designed to support the load of the head, but if we tilt it 60 degrees, it has to support a weight of 27 kilograms, five times more than if we keep it upright. If this posture persists for hours, the shoulders or neck are overloaded, and changes in the cervical spine may occur over time.

On the other hand, paying attention to the screen for a long time contracts the suboccipital muscles, which, located at the base of the skull, facilitate the movement of the head. This leads to headaches and even feeling dizzy.

If breathing difficulties are what you notice, it is likely due to the posture many people adopt while writing while sitting, with their torso bent. In this position the thorax closes and lung capacity decreases, which may be the origin of a chain of effects; the first, the decrease in the quality of sleep. This, in turn, fuels the anxiety that already leads to telephone abuse.

By Francisco Cañizares

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