Lopifit: the electric walking bike

Lopifit: the electric walking bike

That is basically a synthesis of the history of Bruin Bergmeester, creator of Lopifit, the first bicycle where you walk and with that energy you get 4 times the inverted speed.

If so. For those who were branded as not being able to do more than one action at a time, the Lopifit appears so that you can say, "I'm going to walk and ride my bike for a while, see you later!" What the other person does not expect is that you can do it at the same time. The impression of people when they see someone walking on a bicycle and at the same time walking, is priceless.

But how does it work?

It is simpler than it seems. It's like walking on the treadmills in gyms. Only that the energy that one uses, in this case, is re-used and charges a small motor, which when feeling the movement is activated and propels. When you brake, the engine dies. Excellent.

Among other details, the Lopifit is 2.3 meters long, comes with a red LED light on the back, and has a small space to carry what you need.

Would you buy it? Do you see yourself walking through the forests of Palermo with the Lopifit? Walking, as we all started, with the benefit of enjoying how beautiful it is to ride a bike. Healthy, good for exercising, simple and effective. Look:

Designer: Bruin Bergmeester

Green glass

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